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AgriPlace Chain connects with On the way to PlanetProof

Publication date: 25 May 2022

On the way to PlanetProof certification has grown rapidly as a certificate and has become a requirement for Dutch supermarkets to ensure products are produced in a more sustainable manner. At the same time, AgriPlace Chain has expanded its network of fresh produce buyers across Europe rapidly. 

‘As On the way to PlanetProof has grown in importance, so have requests from our users to build an interface and automatically collect and validate certificate information from their platform’, says Nico Broersen -Managing Director of AgriPlace. ‘We were very pleased that SMK has collaborated with us to realize our connection quickly.’

‘AgriPlace Chain is a good example of an industry solution which is making managing compliance more simple, we are happy to contribute to this simplification through supporting this interface between the On the way to PlanetProof database and AgriPlace’, according to Stefanie de Kool, Program Manager of SMK.

This helps users because they only have to enter an On the way to PlanetProof registration number once and always have certificate information available. If the status of a producer changes, this is immediately processed in AgriPlace Chain. AgriPlace Chain automatically keeps certificate, product and company information up-to-date based on the “On the way to PlanetProof” Identifier for an organization. This also means that it is easier to request certification in advance and check a multitude of producers without having to request information.

About AgriPlace

AgriPlace is a global platform that provides access to the growing amount of information on sustainability and safety in the produce sector. It makes obtaining certification easier for producers and buyers can easily collect and validate food safety and sustainability information of suppliers. The company was founded to make agricultural supply chains more sustainable through digitalization. The innovative cloud platform has users in 120 countries and a network of 100,000 producers. AgriPlace was developed in cooperation with farmers, wholesalers, retailers, and leading standards.

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