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Certification scheme Plant Products



Producing according to the requirements of On the way to PlanetProof is often a major effort. There are also costs involved. A starting point for On the way to PlanetProof is that certification provides advantages. Read below which benefits the quality label entails, among other things.

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Security of supply

It is possible that suppliers and buyers ask for products with a quality label. When concluding contracts with these parties, there is greater certainty of sales for certificate holders. This means that there is more certainty of sales for a longer period and according to an agreed price.

Guideline for sustainable purchasing

Organisations which strive to include environmental- and sustainability aspects in their purchasing
strategy, can use the criteria of On the way to PlanetProof as a guideline for sustainable purchasing. In this way, buyers can take sustainability in account within their purchasing strategy.


More sustainable products are distinctive and have added value. Various buyers therefore offer a surcharge for products with the quality label. The aim of SMK is that extra efforts should result in appreciation in the chain. SMK has no influence on price formation, but more sustainable production that leads to more costs does require parties in the chain to appreciate the extra efforts of the farmer.

Cost reduction

By working according to the criteria of On the way to PlanetProof, companies often use fewer raw materials such as fertilizers, plant protection products, water and energy. Keeping track of the use of materials provides useful insight. By producing more sustainably with fewer inputs, long term cost reduction can be achieved.

Company’s image

The public pressure on companies is increasing. Consumers see it as the moral duty of businesses to account for their actions. For instance, consumers ask for insight in the origin of materials and the production processes. By choosing for On the way to PlanetProof certified products, businesses offer consumers transparency and reliance about the origin and production of products.

Risk management

In sustainable production, attention is paid to all critical factors of the production process. A broad team of experts has incorporated its knowledge and expertise into the certification scheme, which certificate holders use. By limiting risks, there is less chance that unexpected things affect production and incidents occur. This saves possible costs for incidents.

The biggest advantage

The biggest advantage of On the way to PlanetProof certification is that products are produced more sustainably. That is a better choice for nature, the environment, climate and animals. So ultimately for all of us.

Certification fees

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Influence and decision-making

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