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About On the way to PlanetProof


Certification scheme Plant Products



A product or service receives a certificate if it meets the requirements of On the way to PlanetProof. These requirements are described in a certification scheme. On the way to PlanetProof is an independent quality label and this reflects in how we arrange things. For example, the content of the certification scheme is determined by the Board of Experts, the inspection is carried out by accredited, independent certification bodies and SMK, the developer and manager of the scheme, is an independent non-profit organisation.

Obtaining the quality label is a good step towards making a sector more sustainable. An inspection is carried out before certification. After obtaining the certificate, an annual inspection takes place. But how does that work?

Influence and decision-making

We would like to explain how the requirements of the certification schemes are established and who is involved.

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Division of tasks SMK and certification bodies 

SMK is the developer and manager of the On the way to PlanetProof quality label. SMK is responsible for the requirements and independent certification bodies carry out the audit. This separation between development and testing is a requirement of the Dutch Accreditation Council to prevent conflicts of interest. On average, an inspection takes place every year. It is important that the certificate holder meets all the requirements at all times. Is that not the case? Then a shortcoming is detected. Depending on the seriousness of the violation, the certificate holder may be given time to rectify a shortcoming, or the certificate may be revoked.

Give confidence 

With On the way to PlanetProof, the inspection goes further than inspection of certificate holders. SMK’s certification bodies and certification schemes are also supervised by the Dutch Accreditation Council. This is called accrediting (literally: giving confidence). The council verifies in an expert, impartial and independent manner whether the international standard ISO/IEC 17065 is being followed. Requirements are set for what the schemes assess, how it is done and by whom. Because SMK’s certificates are issued under accreditation, they meet the highest requirements in terms of assurance.

Certification process