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Copyrights certification schemes

1. Freely available for direct and non-commercial users

Direct users of the SMK certification schemes, accompanying documents and instruments are persons, companies or organizations who, with a view to obtaining or maintaining a certificate and/or SMK Seal of Approval, wish to comply with the sustainability requirements set out in the certification schemes. These include, for example, (prospective) hallmark holders and any of their chain partners, certification bodies and chain directors.

SMK understands non-commercial use of the SMK certification schemes, accompanying documents and instruments to include all use other than that described under ‘direct users’. This can include personal use (information/knowledge), use by information organisations, such as the Netherlands Nutrition Centre and Milieu Centraal, and for education and (self) study.

2. Not freely available to commercial users

SMK defines commercial use as the use of SMK certification schemes, accompanying documents and instruments with the aim of creating added value for the person or organization using these instruments, with the exception of the provisions in section 1. Please contact SMK for further information.

3. Copyrights

It is not permitted to further distribute or publish downloads for commercial purposes. The certification schemes and associated documents of SMK are protected by copyright.

The word and pictorial marks of the SMK certification schemes and certificates are legally protected and registered with the Benelux Trademark Office.