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Certification scheme Plant Products


Filing a complaint

Do you have a complaint about a decision of SMK or one of the Boards of Experts or TPAC? You can file a complaint via the complaint form.

SMK works with complaint regulations that state how you can submit a complaint. If the parties cannot find an amicable solution, an external Complaints Board will be set to work immediately, giving the parties the opportunity to be properly heard. After filing in the form, SMK will confirm the complaint. An explanation of the complaint can be sent to smk@smk.nl.

When do I file a complaint?

Do you have a complaint that concerns a decision of SMK, one of the Boards of Experts or TPAC? Then please fill in the complaint form.

Is it about a calamity and do you want to use the calamity regulations for On the way to PlanetProof plant products or the scarcity regulations for processed products? Then send in the completed relevant form. This form can be downloaded via Plant products or Processed products.

Please note: If you have a question, comment, or would like to report a bottleneck – without being a calamity – please use the contact form.