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Sustainable bunch of flowers

There is an increasing demand for environmentally friendly flowers, notes also alstroemeri grower H.M. Tesselaar. “And rightly so, we think. We work on sustainability both in the cultivation process and in our personnel policy. That’s a matter of course for us.” By making cultivation more sustainable, including through LED lighting and the use of resistant varieties, H.M. Tesselaar has been able to certify itself for On the way to PlanetProof since 2018. Co-owner Linda Tesselaar tells more about the family business, the more sustainable cultivation of flowers, and the certification.


Where to buy?

Ask your local florist about Tesselaar alstroemerias. Chances are that the store has them. Then you can enjoy a beautiful bunch!

On the way to PlanetProof teler HM Tesselaar

How it started

The North Holland nursery garden H.M. Tesselaar has been in the ornamental horticulture business for quite some time. Linda: “We are located in Heerhugowaard. Our company has been growing alstroemerias for years, but it hasn’t always been like that. In the first years after we started in 1977, we grew completely different flowers: cyclamen, lilies, carnations, and freesias. But demand changed and we saw opportunities in a different market segment. That is why we eventually specialized completely in the cultivation of one flower: the alstroemeria. And in this, we strive for perfection.” The company is trying to achieve that perfection by doing business in a more sustainable way, among other things.

Making cultivation more sustainable

H.M. Tesselaar develops new alstroemeri varieties itself. During the research, they look for new color combinations, excellent quality, and resistance to certain insects. According to Linda, this contributes to the sustainability of the crop: “increased resistance means a reduction in the use of pesticides. That H.M. Tesselaar is committed to more sustainable cultivation is evident from the fact that they are also making sustainability savings on other fronts: “We use biological fertilizers as much as possible, hybrid lighting with 60% LED, collect rainwater, reuse CO2 emissions from gas as fertilizer and have a new greenhouse with diffuse glass. This means that sunlight spreads evenly over the flowers. A major advantage of this is that the plant does not lose strength due to overheating, grows better and therefore produces more stems. In addition, we save 30% energy with this greenhouse.”

With these measures, H.M. Tesselaar scores on the various themes of On the way to PlanetProof, including energy and climate, soil, crop protection, and fertilization. Want to read more about the teams? Click here.

The most beautiful alstroemerias

Besides a clean vase, fresh water, and some cut flower food, an alstroemeria does not need much. Linda: “When in the bud, they do not reveal themselves completely, but once in bloom, the colors pop for a long time. It is therefore not necessary to buy flowers fully in the bud. In fact, we advise against it. The buds should already show a little color.”

If you want to enjoy Alstroemerias for a long time, top up the water in the vase regularly. Then even the smallest buds will open.

Want to read more about HM Tesselaar? Click here.

Do you also want to make a more sustainable choice and contribute to agriculture that is in balance with the carrying capacity of our planet? Then buy flowers, trees and plants with the label On the way to PlanetProof.