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About On the way to PlanetProof


Certification scheme Plant Products


Step-by-step plan for plant products

There is a step-by-step plan for the certification of plant products. Review the steps and find out what you need to do to get certified.

Tip: Tip: keep the certification page open while going through the step-by-step plan.

General certification conditions

In addition to the requirements of the certification scheme, it is mandatory to meet SMK’s general conditions.

See conditions
Stap 1 - Do I meet the mandatory requirements?

Check whether you meet the requirements of the certification scheme. Check whether you have not used any plant protection products of list I (Annex 2C).

Stap 2 - Am I OK with the bonus-malus calculation?

Determine with the digital checklist how many points are scored with the optional measures.

Determine how many malus points have been obtained by using active substances from list II:

  • Appendix 2C of the certification scheme, list II, lists the active substances for which there is no environmentally friendly alternative. These substances are allowed, but each application results in a malus point. Add up the number of active substances from list II for each crop protection treatment that you apply (see also requirement 2.3).
  • On the third tab ‘Crops’ of the digital checklist, enter the calculated number of malus points.
  • Is the number of bonus points from chapters 2, 3 and 4 sufficient to compensate for the malus points?
  • Is the number of all bonus points minus the number of malus points higher than the mandatory number: 10 (open cultivation) or 7 (covered cultivation)?
Stap 3 - Register with certification body

Companies can independently register with a certification body. There are several companies that can carry out the inspection. First request a quotation from the certification body/bodies of your choice. After that, sign-up and plan an inspection.

Are you a member of a group/growers’ association? Register through the group/association.

The first inspection will take place around the harvest:

  • Annual crops: from 4 weeks before the harvest, at the latest before the end of the harvest.
  • Multiannual crops: from 6 weeks before harvest, at the latest 6 weeks after harvest.

Our advice: Take into account the waiting time at the certification bodies and plan the inspection as early as possible to minimize the risks. If there is harvestable product on the farm and all requirements are met up to 6 months ago, the certificate can be issued.

Stap 4 - Inspection

In preparation for the inspection, ensure that the checklist has been completed, the registrations are complete and correct, the requested plans have been drawn up (IPM, fertilization, water, waste reduction) and if applicable, the calculation tools have been completed (greenhouse gas emissions, organic matter balance).

Stap 5 - Certificate and Communication

Do you meet all the requirements according to the certification body? Congratulations! You are now an official certificate holder for On the way to PlanetProof and you will receive the certificate.

Be proud of obtaining the On the way to PlanetProof certificate and inform your network and (potential) customers. Explain what it means on your website and share the news via social media.

Note: Generally the On the way to PlanetProof logo should contain your registration number. On this page we give tips and it is possible to request your personalized logo. The communication expressions on the certified products must be approved by the Certification Body.

Stap 6 - Stay focused

The certificate must always be fulfilled. This requires active planning, monitoring and actions to meet the requirements at all times. If at any time the requirements cannot be met, please report this to the certification body as soon as possible. After obtaining the certificate, an annual check is carried out to confirm that you are continuing to meet the requirements.

Stay focused and ask yourself: “What possibilities do I see for further sustainability, so that I can take the next step ‘On the way to PlanetProof’?”